The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 02 – Do Your Best, Young Master


Lu Feng Ye hit him in the face.



Or, more like, Lu Feng Ye tried to hit Su Dong Lou in the face and failed miserably.


The little scholar’s movements telegraphed so much that Su Dong Lou had to wonder if the man was attempting to tease him. Thus, Su Dong Lou’s reaction was to humour him and played along.


He ducked, ‘narrowly’ avoiding the punch. Lu Feng Ye’s fist was actually very badly formed. If Su Dong Lou had allowed the hit to land, the poor little scholar would have badly hurt his delicate scholar’s hands.






My, this kind of enthusiasm was quite unexpected.


Su Dong Lou did nothing to hide his grin as Lu Feng Ye flailed and rushed at him. The little puffer fish actually made a face so angry that it distracted him enough for the badly formed fist to glance against his cheek a little.


Narrowing his eyes, Su Dong Lou waited for Lu Feng Ye to attack again, dodged, and reached out to snag Lu Feng Ye’s jade hair pin. Inky black hair tumbled down from its neat bun…

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