The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 02 – Do Your Best, Young Master

Lu Feng Ye hit him in the face. Or, more like, Lu Feng Ye tried to hit Su Dong Lou in the face and failed miserably. The little scholar’s movements telegraphed so much that Su Dong Lou had to wonder if the man was attempting to tease him. Thus, Su Dong Lou’s reaction was to humour him and played along. He ducked, ‘narrowly’ avoiding the punch. Lu Feng Ye’s fist was actually very badly formed. If Su Dong Lou had allowed the hit to land, the poor little scholar would have badly hurt his delicate scholar’s hands. Swish!   Dash! My, this kind of enthusiasm was quite unexpected. Su Dong Lou did nothing to hide his grin as Lu Feng Ye flailed and rushed at him. The little puffer fish actually made a face so angry that it distracted him enough for the badly formed fist to glance against his cheek a little. Narrowing his eyes, Su Dong Lou waited for Lu Feng Ye to attack again, dodged, and reached out to snag Lu Feng Ye’s jade hair pin. Inky black hair tumbled down from its neat bun in slightly kinked waves. That angry face surrounded by wild black hair was almost enough to make Su Dong Lou just pull his pants down and roll Lu Feng Ye over. He didn’t even have to properly penetrate the man. Su Dong Lou just wanted to rub his cock against that black hair, and ruin it even more with his semen. If Lu Feng Ye could hear his thoughts now, the man would be spitting nails in anger. It was hilarious to see an actual man so helpless. Su Dong Lou played with Lu Feng Ye like a cat with a particularly brave (stupid) mouse. So adorable! Ah, Lu Feng Ye, how is it that you can be so evil and black hearted and yet so cute. This young master really wants to eat you up. Watching Lu Feng Ye’s weak and clumsy attacks was like watching a poisonous snake waste its venom against a wooden post. Or an angry kitten trying to scratch his feet through tough leather shoes. Speaking of leather, he cast his eyes onto his side table. It contained all sorts of useful things a martial artists should have. Medicine, miracle pills, massage oil, bandages as well as other assorted things to upkeep his body. It was time to bring this game to a close. A swipe of his hand snagged Lu Feng Ye by the wrist, stopping the futile attacks with a smooth jerk. Su Dong Ling smiled tenderly at the angry little scholar. Since the man had amused him so much, he would be merciful and use that expensive massage oil with medicinal properties on his lovely rear end. Keeping eye contact, he ran his thumb against that soft palm and massaged the equally tender fingers. He brought those long fingers up to his lips and breathed against the soft knuckles. The sparse little hairs on the knuckles looked oddly neat against nails that have been chewed up in that two day struggle against Su Nuan Nuan’s starvation treatment. Having not bathed for more than two days, the stink of old fear and desperation, mingled with the general unwashed state could be detected on those fingers. There was also a hint of barbecued meat just under the nails. It was lovely and heady. Wanting more of that scent, Su Dong Lou pulled the struggling Lu Feng Ye closer. Su Dong Lou sank his face against the junction of that slightly sticky neck, and just… breathed for a moment. The scent of books, tea and incense that usually marked Lu Feng Ye’s scholarly status was almost gone. In another two days it would have been taken over by mere ‘general unwashed’. However, right now… A single sweep of his hand pushed the tumble of long black hair away from Lu Feng Ye’s neck. Revealing jade like white skin, dewy with sweat and trembling ever so slightly. The scent of papers and incense was more concentrated here, as though it had been protected by that lovely black hair. Unable to resist, Su Dong Lou swiped his tongue across the white skin. Licking up all the little beads of dew. Lu Feng Ye hissed and snarled, swiping his hands against Su Dong Lou’s clothes, doing his best to pinch any exposed skin. He might as swell have tried his pinching skills against a buffalo. Su Dong Lou sucked at the neck, humming in satisfaction at the taste. His hands were not idle either. They roamed Lu Feng Ye’s body through that pure white chang pao he favoured. The body beneath his hands was definitely not the soft, feminine type. There was less yield in the chest and buttocks area, the arms longer, muscles firmer. However, it was the height that made the biggest difference. They were almost of the same height, it was… different, to be able to stand upright and kiss a soft neck. Lu Feng Ye’s struggles eventually lessened out of exhaustion. He was just drooping in Su Dong Lou’s arms now, panting, trying to catch his breath when Su Dong Lou’s mouth tracked a trail under his chin. Weak arms pressed futilely against Su Dong Lou’s shoulder. Then, with a quick show of strength, Su Dong Lou shifted his grip and bent Lu Feng Ye backwards. The sudden reversal of of position made Lu Feng Ye dizzy and there was nothing he could do as Su Dong Lou closed his mouth over Lu Feng Ye’s and sucked that soft, slack tongue into his own mouth. “Mmmmppff!” Lu Feng Ye didn’t dare to hit Su Dong Lou, instinctively frightened of falling on his head. He could only clutched desperately at the strong shoulders as Su Dong Lou sucked the life out of him. A hand hitched his leg up, unbalancing Lu Feng Ye’s position even further. A suspiciously hard thing rubbed against his crotch through their clothes and it took a moment for Lu Feng Ye’s overcooked brain to realise what it was. “Hmmppff!! Hmmppff!” Su Dong Lou had one hand supporting Lu Feng Ye by the rear end, and was leisurely stroking that lovely neck with the other. The forceful sucking had gentled to light nibbling. Due to their position, and gravity, saliva from Su Dong Lou’s mouth eventually trickled down to flood Lu Feng Ye’s mouth causing the man to wrench his lips away in disgust. Unfortunately, that just gave Su Dong Lou an excellent view of Lu Feng Ye’s neck that was still jade white and free of blemishes. Which just made Su Dong wanted to mark his territory even more badly. So he sank his teeth in on that lovely white skin. Lu Feng Ye squealed. There was no other word for it. The little puffer fish squealed and kicked, flinched and squirmed, but to no avail. His unbalanced position just got worst, pushing their crotch ever closer. Which got Su Dong Lou even more excited. Every flailing movement made ripples of pleasure seize up Su Dong Lou’s body. He was done playing games. Su Dong Lou dropped a dazed Lu Feng Ye onto the bed and made his way to the side table. ============= One could never accuse Lu Feng Ye of being slow witted. As soon as it looked like Su Dong Lou was preoccupied, he made a dash for the door. Attacking was useless. It was time to utilize Sun Tzu’s 36th strategy in the Art of War. Retreat! Lu Feng Ye’s finger tips actually managed to touch the door when a powerful arm appeared and swept him up by the waist. Lu Feng Ye feet left the floor from the force of Su Dong Lou’s power. The world whirled past. White sleeves and black hair sailed round and round making an epic and romantic scene, worthy of any romantic art piece. [Someone draw this!!!] When his feet finally touched something solid. Lu Feng Ye could only stagger and leaned against the nearest object. Which, unfortunately happened to be the very firm body of Su Dong Lou. Full body contact with his tormentor was not good for his state of mind, ah. In a flash, he stomped his feet onto Su Dong Lou’s shoes, and tried to use his nails to attack the best he could. As soon as he dashed forward, however, Su Dong Lou was not there. A tugged from his waist and his belt was whipped off. Without letting Lu Feng Ye recover, Su Dong Lou started to very efficiently fling off various bits clothing here and there. In the end, Lu Feng Ye was left with only one shoe on, a thin inner shirt, and was clutching his trousers desperately to prevent them from sliding downwards. Su Dong Lou had tugged the draw string loose and was currently enjoying himself looking at the artistically dishevelled Lu Feng Ye with his wildly flowing hair, jade white skin peeking from various openings, and lips bruised red from kissing. The best thing, in Su Dong Lou’s opinion, was that lovely bite mark, just visible where the inner shirt had slipped off. Unable to resist, he stepped forward. Lu Feng Ye stepped back. Su Dong Lou stepped forward again, and trapped Lu Feng Ye between his body and the edge of the bed. Su Dong Lou shoved Lu Feng Ye flat onto the bed. He then helpfully pulled the remaining shoe off Lu Feng Ye’s foot and tossed it over his shoulder. A quick swish swish, and there went the pants over the other shoulder. So now Lu Feng Ye’s bottom part was completely bare. The thin cotton underwear having been pulled off along with his trousers. The tails of his inner shirt was just enough to cover the most important bits, as long as he keep pulling them down. Finally, Su Dong Lou took a step back to take a good long stare at Lu Feng Ye. Lu Feng Ye’s looks had always been compared to a painting that had come to life. Elegant, charming and deity like. Even now, in a state of such debauchery, his beauty was not lessened. Long black hair in artistic disarray framed a lovely face with large eyes and pupils blown wide and dark. Lips reddened and glistening with spit from having been kissed, and kissed, over and over again. Long white neck splotched with red kiss marks, with just a glimpse of teeth mark at the outer edges. The exposed buttocks, round and supple, remained a pure jade white, inviting on lookers to touch, to pet, to slap and to bite their own marks to match those on Lu Feng Ye’s neck. Finally, the hands and shirt tails hiding that most fragile and vulnerable bits. Su Dong Lou really, really wanted to pull those hands apart to expose their secrets He licked his lips. He placed one hand on the bed. “Please don’t do this!” Lu Feng Ye blurted out. “Oh?” Su Dong Lou cocked his head. “Did you just say something?” “S-su Dong Lou, please, I- I,” “I like this part of you,” Su Dong Lou leaned in closer. “Beg me some more.” Lu Feng Ye paused. He was not sure how to proceed from here. “In fact,” Su Dong Lou withdraw a small bottle and held it between them. “If you beg me nicely, I’ll make sure to thoroughly and properly grease your way to heaven.” “.…..” Lu Feng Ye’s jaw dropped opened. He was speechless. Su Dong Lou decided that he liked this part of Lu Feng Ye as well. He continued, “However, if you failed to properly please me with your little pleas, well,” his smile turned evil. “Let’s just say you’ll be lucky to have spit where it most needed.” He looked significantly at Lu Feng Ye’s lush little bottom. Panic! Panic! Panic! Lu Feng Ye clenched his teeth and reigned in the urge to give in to his fear. Focus! If he made the wrong move now, his body could be irreversibly damaged. He would need to be able bodied in order to escape. He just had to get through this temporary set back the best he could. It was just a body. Lu Feng Ye could afford to abandon his pride as a man. He was a scholar first and foremost. A mind elevated beyond mere bodily function. He would just have to treat this like, like getting bitten by a dog. A short, painful episode to be noted down and ignored in the future. He could do this! Lu Feng Ye took in a deep breath and started. “Please, I- I- beg…” “Ah? What was that? I can’t hear you.” A sudden burst of anger surged through Lu Feng Ye. “HAVE MERCY!” He shouted into Su Dong Lou’s ear. “HELP! I BEG YOU! THIS ONE SHOULD DIE!” He might as well have been shouting: YOUR MOM! DOG BRAIN! GO DIE! To be continued… ====================== Author: Lu Feng Ye, I have only one question. Why???

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