The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 03 – Mind Over Matter


“HAVE MERCY!” He shouted into Su Dong Lou’s ear. “HELP! I BEG YOU! THIS ONE SHOULD DIE!”

 He might as well have been shouting: YOUR MOM! DOG BRAIN! GO DIE!


For a moment, the two of them just stared at each other. One surprised, the other horrified.

This is bad, this is bad! Lu Feng Ye immediately regretted his outburst. Su Dong Lou could so easily damage him, how could he be so stupid as to annoy such a stupidly strong person? He should have just swallowed his pride, lowered his head and beg and beg. Cry if he had to. Make the person sorry for him.

However, Lu Feng Ye had just climbed onto the tiger’s head and accidentally pulled on its whiskers. The moment he fell off of this tiger he will be devoured. Clawed to death, chewed to pieces. He had no choice but to see this charade to the bitter end!

The man before him was not reacting at all, just looking at him expressionlessly. Lu Feng Ye’s thoughts were like scattered sand, every time he managed to gather a handful, the grains just slipped passed his fingers. If he tough it out too much, Su Dong Lou would make good of his threat and just take Lu Feng Ye without any lubrication, increasing the chances of terrible injury!

He should, he should try and placate Su Dong Lou, but how?

Perhaps, perhaps Lu Feng Ye could seduce him. Seduce Su Dong Lou…the idea of bumping into another person while walking down a street was bad enough to make Lu Feng Ye want to take a bath immediately. Now he had to- They would soon-

The end thoughts just fizzled off.

Lu Feng Ye was already practically naked, but the events had happened so fast that he did not really have time to properly think about the mechanics of being ‘eaten’. Their skin would touch. Su Dong Lou already kissed him, bit and sucked at his skin, but nothing had entered Lu Feng Ye yet.

Except for those fingers in his mouth.

No, no, no! That was bad enough, no, no, no!

However, despite his mental panicking, the bedrock of Lu Feng Ye’s sharp mind remained steady. Tonight will happen regardless. Even if a miracle happened and they were both summoned to see King Xiang Yang, he had no doubt that Su Dong Lou will lock him in this room, or somewhere even more secure and just make excuses to the king.

Su Dong Lou was the doggedly determined type. He knew this much was true. There will be no escaping this accursed man who had even defied his own heart in order to betray the one he was supposed to be in love with!

[.…author is speechless by Lu Fen Ye’s reasoning.]

Su Dong Lou’s thought processes were much simpler compared to Lu Feng Ye’s.

Cute! How cute! Angry face is Cute! Want to eat him!

Suddenly, Su Dong Lou laughed.

Lu Feng Ye was so badly startled that he shifted wrongly, his left leg seized up. The muscles in his body finally could not take the overwhelming rush of adrenaline and stress Lu Feng Ye had put it through.

The pain was so bad that Lu Feng Ye could no longer hold a proper kneeling position and fell flat on his face. This had the unfortunate result of exposing his naked bottom half for anyone with eyes to see.

Indeed, for a moment, Su Dong Lou’s vision was filled with nothing but bouncing moons and smooth jade globes. The hint of a soft dark cleft, subtle and mysterious, teased at his senses. He felt a sudden gaping hunger in the pit of his stomach. The possibilities of that mysterious bit of darkness lured his eyes…

A soft sound of pain distracted Su Dong Lou from his musings, Ever sensitive to Lu Feng Ye’s shifting emotions, he frowned at the pained expression on Lu Feng Ye’s face, before noting the oddly tensed foot, and realized what was wrong.

When Su Dong Lou touched Lu Feng Ye’s calf, you would have thought he had just jabbed the man with a pin from the way he howled.

Lu Feng Ye’s servants flinched at their master’s sudden ululation of pain, and prayed with even more fervour. Do your best, ah, master. We, we will prepare a warm bath for you in the morning. We will find medicinal herbs to promote healing and to sooth the muscles for young master…

“Shh, shh,” Su Dong Lou gently murmured, massaging the tensed up calf with slow, firm strokes. The smell of medicine filled the room as he massaged the medicinal oil into the skin, gently straightening out the tightly curled leg. “Relax, be good, the pain will go away soon.”

[Author: Why yes, I just used a classic dub-con opening dialogue favoured by gongs through the ages in a non-sexual way. I’m so classy. Lol!]

This bizarre turn of events was…very strange.

Here was Lu Feng Ye, practically naked with only a shirt and his hair for modesty, sitting opposite of Su Dong Lou, who still looked quite presentable, if not perfectly groomed. Aside from a red flush on the back his neck, and cheeks, a few loose strands of hair, and slightly crumpled sleeves there was nothing to hint at what Su Dong Lou had been doing beyond some light exercises.

Perhaps that was the problem. Thought Lu Feng Ye gloomily, he had neglected the issue of physical strength and power when it came to body conditioning. He had only been interested in looking elegant, scholarly, and becoming a thoroughly dependable political asset. Theoretically, all the harsh work should be done by hired help, or Su Dong Lou.

There should never be a need for him to step outside of the city walls without an armed escort for official purposes. The only reason why he had even gone to the mountains with Su Dong Lou was to secretly secure Su Nuan Nuan without alerting King Xiang Wang. That little side project of his had landed him in this hot soup under the hands of Su Dong Lou.


Now Su Nuan Nuan was out of his reach. His bottom was about to be sacrificed for his life. Was there even a reason to live after this?

As Lu Feng Ye was busy getting more and more depressed. The pain in his foot lessened. More importantly, the massaging hands had wondered upward, past his knees and were heading towards-

“Where do you think you’re touching!” Lu Feng Ye snapped, completely forgetting his vow to appear meek and servile before the might of a dangerous martial artist.

Su Dong Lou was not in the least offended. He smirked. He jerked Lu Feng Ye by the backs of his thighs forward. Lu Feng Ye gave a small shriek as his tender bottom slid too fast across silk sheets, actually causing a little rug burn. “Ouch! Ouch! That hurts, you brute! Curse you, curse your ancestors, curse your dog!”

“I don’t have a dog,” said Su Dong Lou in amusement.

“Curse the horse you ride on!”

“Are you sure about that?” Su Dong Lou leered. “The only horse I’m interested in riding now is just…here.” With that, he grabbed those pair of teasing, bouncy white moons and placed them on his lap.


Lu Feng Ye was completely exposed. There was no way to close his legs with Su Dong Lou’s stupid body in the way. His genitals were exposed. He was actually flat on his back with his head lower than his exposed bits.

Unacceptable, completely undignified, impolite, un-

Cold oil was poured on his lower half. Lu Feng Ye would have loved to struggle, maybe kick Su Dong Lou in the head, but the man had placed an arm on his stomach, effectively holding him still.

Su Dong Lou was so strong that he barely felt Lu Feng Ye’s flailing legs behind him, engrossed as he was by the way the massage oil pooled and dripped all over the place. First, the most eye catching object. That slightly wobbly mast made of flesh that symbolizes manhood everywhere. Here was evidence that Lu Feng Ye’s a man, despite his charming face, mobile, thoroughly kissable lips and long elegant eye lashes.

The long undignified flesh sprouted from a little thatch of hair, that was all wild and curly, completely at odds with the long silken elegance that grew on Lu Feng Ye’s head. Below that were a pair of fragile, vulnerable looking eggs, neatly tucked away in their fleshly sacks.

Su Dong Lou never thought he would see the day when the sight of such evident maleness would make saliva pooled in his mouth, and for his own fleshly staff to stiffen in excitement.

He had only thought about Lu Feng Ye in abstract points until now. Thoughts of plundering, and eating, of sinking into a warm hole and parting of twin globes of flesh.

In short, he had been thinking of Lu Feng Ye as a man would for a woman.

However… the smell that assaulted his nose was the scent of a man. Musky, and familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. Curious, he put his nose in against the dark curls and inhaled.

Lu Feng Ye whimpered. His stomach muscles, weakened from stress and lack of exercise, was not enough for him to sit up and grab Su Dong Lou by the hair and…do something. He tried kicking, he tried squeezing the head between his thighs in hopes of choking this demon to death.

While he did his best to try and kill Su Dong Lou with his thigh muscle, Su Dong Lou was already smoothing and massaging the oil into Lu Feng Ye’s skin. Spreading it into the dark cleft, seeking the tightly furled up mouth. The moment Su Dong Lou’s fingertips stroke the wrinkled little bud, Lu Feng Ye’s knees automatically clamped together against Su Dong Lou’s head.

“So excited.” Su Dong Lou murmured as he stroked the little bud again. He had promised to send Lu Feng Ye to heaven, and by all the deities and ancestors, he will. He just have to…hold out a bit, and be patient, and to prepare that little mouth for a nice plundering.

“You’ll have to excuse me,” he smiled over Lu Feng Ye’s slightly bobbing cock. Was it his imagination or did it look just a little bit more plump than before? “I’ve never done this before and pray for your patience.”

Su Dong Lou, you should just die!

Lu Feng Ye did not actually dare to voice out that threat. Not with Su Dong Lou’s hands so near his most vulnerable spot. He could only lie there and think of…of revenge. Yes, revenge! Su Dong Lou will rue the day he mistreated Lu Feng Ye like this.

He’ll find a way to cripple Su Dong Lou’s monsterous strength. There are all sorts of powders and poisons that would cause lameness and weakness of the muscles. That Su Dong Lou has a good face, he’d sell the man to the lowest of brothels and-


Bastard! The man had just slipped a finger in! Lu Feng Ye struggled again, but all Su Dong Lou did was pinched the walls of his…his unmentionable from the inside and outside and-

“Stop it!”


Sweat beaded on Lu Feng Ye’s forehead as adrenaline rushed in his blood, preparing for flight. Except, he was trapped under Su Dong Lou’s arm and fingers, kicking only made the sensations even more unbearable. His nails tore against the sheets in frustrated energy. Just when he thought things could not get any worse when the wriggling sensation intensified, the stretch…more.

Lu Feng Ye’s whole body started to tremble from the stress. His breathing harsh. This had the unfortunate effect of making his cock bob and sway in front of Su Dong Lou, effectively distracting him from the all consuming task out stretching out Lu Feng Ye’s little hole.

One hand is occupied with stretching, the other on holding Lu Feng Ye down. Following this logic, Su Dong Lou very naturally captured the bobbing little mast with his lips, and suckled tentatively on the tip.

Lu Feng Ye stopped struggling.

Correction, Lu Feng Ye froze. His ever busy mind went as blank as a panicked student’s paper during an imperial exam.

Su Dong Lou hummed and traced the tip with his tongue. It was not like he really wanted to suck cock or anything like that, it was more…curiosity. The skin felt tender and flexible under his lips and tongue. Warm, soft and alive. As he licked, and nibbled, Lu Feng Ye’s breathing…changed.

It sounded like he was choking.

Fascinated, Su Dong Lou continued. This time, he pressed the tip of his tongue into the tiny hole where things exited, feeling the flesh under his mouth grew less floppy and more dense. The lower stomach under his arm grew tensed and the next thing he knew, a hot, strong smelling liquid flooded his mouth.

Su Dong Lou quickly withdraw, and was hit in the face with more of the liquid. He counted himself lucky to have closed his eyes fast enough to avoid any getting blinded by the attacks. Lu Feng Ye’s orgasm was quick and powerful. It was over in mere seconds. Resulting in a completely slack Lu Feng Ye, even the little hole gaped open more easily after that little interlude.


After wiping his face with the hand that had been holding Lu Feng Ye down, Su Dong Lou lifted up one of the long elegant legs to settle on his shoulder. The hand that had been stroking Lu Feng Ye’s hole got a fresh coating of oil and went back to work.

Lu Feng Ye still had this dazed, stupid look on his face. Mouth slack and opened, completely defenceless. Su Dong Lou wanted very much to kiss him. He also really wanted to put his own cock into Lu Feng Ye. After deliberating a little, Su Dong Lou decided to slick up his cock and try for the hole since Lu Feng Ye was now completely soft, slack and unaware of his surroundings.

Keeping the leg aloft, Su Dong Lou narrowed his eyes as he pressed the tip of his cock into the slippery opening. The smell of medicine mixed with Lu Feng Ye’s release was heady and intoxicating. Ruefully, he realized that he would never be able to use that medicine now without thinking of their first time together.

Keeping a close watch on Lu Feng Ye’s face, Su Dong Lou breached the entrance and stole inside enemy territory. That orgasm must have really dried up the scholar’s brain cells, because it wasn’t until Su Dong Lou had gone halfway in, carefully pulled out, and thrust slowly in again that life began to flicker in those dull eyes.

Lu Feng Ye woke up to plunder.

The first thing to hit him was the smell, familiar, yet unfamiliar. Musky, strong…he choked as he realized what had happened. There had been a sucking wetness and then an overwhelming wave crashed against his consciousness followed by a drowning blackness.

Trying not to panic, Lu Feng Ye tried to get up, only to find that he felt…very full, and very stuffed up…down there. Panic! He was ready to really panic, ah.

The stuffed up feeling increased, until he could feel it all the way down his spine. Then, it mysteriously retreated with a slick, obscene, sucking sound.

What, what-

Reality hit him the moment Su Dong Lou bottomed out, their bodies hitting each other with a resounding ‘smack!’

“No, no,” Lu Feng Ye gasped. “No, no, no, no, no,”

“Mmm,” Su Dong Lou set a smooth and shallow pace, in time with all the ‘nos’ from from Lu Feng Ye.

[Su Dong Lou, you’re such a bastard.]

Since it’s their first time together, a nice and steady dance was better than a quick and dirty fucking. Lu Feng Ye already came once, and Su Dong Lou has excellent control over his body. He intended to properly savour this moment and eat his meal slowly.

The slick in and out feeling felt sloppy and obscene. It was made even more vulgar by the wet sucking sounds that echoed within the bed canopy. Having never paid any interest in what happened between within the bed chamber, Lu Feng Ye was nevertheless a scholar and knew the mechanics at the very least.

However, knowing something in theory and actually experiencing it was a completely different matter.

For example the sounds. He had not quite expect it to be so disgusting. All the…wet, squishy, sucking sounds made his face hot with shame. The enclosed bed, with the curtains down, was like a bloody cave, magnifying every single bit of sound within.

Then, there were the sensations. Skin on skin contact. Su Dong Lou’s hands were hot, slick, and tacky against his body. He felt alternatively disgusted and tickled, hot and unbearable, it was, it was…it went beyond words. The sensation of those hands made him feel choked and unable to scream.

He just… he just couldn’t describe it.

Worse than the hands were the clothes. Specifically, the fact that Su Dong Lou was still mostly clothed while Lu Feng Ye only had one inner shirt on. The inner shirt had long been pushed up to his armpits, exposing those embarrassing things on his chest.

It was the power play behind the clothe and unclothe issue that pricked his pride the most. He could accept being made to take Su Dong Lou into his body, could accept to be the one on his back, but the lack of clothes on his part while the other still has most of his clothes on itched like a badly healed scab.

Finally, the worst part, was the length of time.

He had thought Su Dong Lou would just…do his business and leave his plaything after having had his fun. However…

However, he had not thought the thrusting, the tension, the, the bloody fucking business would just go on and on and on and on and-


An occasional strong thrust would send him skidding across the sheets. He already hit his head once against the bed, which caused Su Dong Lou retreat a couple of paces back with his prize and continued with his unrelenting activities.

Lu Feng Ye really wanted to cry, ah, but he had no tears left. He could only ride out this storm called Su Dong Lou and hoped that his body would hold out. It was not that he was in any particular pain, aside from his head, Su Dong Lou had seen to that at least.

It was just…wasn’t this taking a long time??

He was leaving the realm of overwhelming shock, slipping into tired boredom. How was this a pathway to heaven?

And why would any rational man find this kind of thing interesting? You’d think with the number of brothels in business coupled with their ridiculous prize range that this fucking business would actually be interesting.

Or perhaps he was at the wrong end to properly experience this so called pleasure?

Lu Feng Ye was starting to feel sorry for all women and men in his position when a sudden jolt of…something shattered his thoughts. It was like that time Su Dong Lou put his mouth on Lu Feng Ye’s…thing and caused his soul to fly out of his body…

Choking a shuddering breath in, Lu Feng Ye struggled to understand what had happened when the jolting sensation snapped his spine again.

In fact, Su Dong Lou was in the middle of a very great struggle. Lu Feng Ye may never appreciate this, but it took everything Su Dong Lou has to not just tear his way into Lu Feng Ye’s body. In reality, Su Dong Lou was a rather considerate lover and was a favourite with the brothels he used to visit.

He had actually notice Lu Feng Ye’s apathetic look, and was doing his best to elevate that by changing the angle of his thrusting, to stroke and pamper the best he could despite the beast inside him raging to devour the little scholar underneath.

The moment Lu Feng Ye’s expression changed, Su Dong Lou’s eyes gleamed and he refocussed his attack. Su Dong Lou mercilessly pounded and grind that area that made Lu Feng Ye gasped and moaned and screamed. Curses and profanity fell from lips that could destroy a person’s life with a just carelessly placed word.

Those lips were now gasping open under him, in time with his thrusts. It felt very erotic and empowering to be able to reduce a creature as poisonous as a basket of snakes and scorpions to this state.

“Mmm, Ye’er, you’ve really made this young master happy, ah.” Su Dong Lou lay his body on Lu Feng Ye lightly, still supporting most of his own weight with his arms. Their faces were so close now that they were practically breathing each other’s air.

Su Dong Lou could not resist any more and leaned in to kiss those panting lips…

Only to be blocked by a sweaty hand.

Thinking that Lu Feng Ye was playing with him, he licked the palm, causing Lu Yeng Ye to squeak and jerked back. However, Su Dong Lou’s second attempt against Lu Feng Ye’s lips was also met with resistance.

That little scholar was actually using his hands to push against Su Dong Lou’s throat and chin. He was not strong enough to actually kill Su Dong Lou with his bare hands, but any pressure against the throat was definitely uncomfortable.

Su Dong Lou’s eyes narrowed.

Oh ho, so little puffer fish wished to resist, eh?


Su Dong Lou pushed closer, he gave a gentle ground with his hips, making sure to give that trapped cock a nice squeeze…

Lu Feng Ye gasped, his hands wavered, but when Su Dong Lou approached with his lips again he turned away and started to earnestly struggle. Hands were actually tearing at this face, so Su Dong Lou pinned them against the bed with one hand and grabbed Lu Feng Ye’s jaw with the other.

“No! Nononono no!”

This was…unexpected. Thus far, Lu Feng Ye had given in more or less with minimal show of resistance. Surely…Lu Feng Ye was not the type who hold the idea that kissing is a sacred thing that should be shared among true lovers nonsense?

Even if it was so, then, those lips should belong to him!

Experimentally, Su Dong Lou licked at the corner of Lu Feng Ye’s lips, and was surprised by the show of disgust on the man’s face. Something was definitely not right here.

“Ye’er, open up for this young master.” He coaxed.

“No!” Lu Feng Ye even say the word with gritted teeth, as though afraid that Su Dong Lou would take the chance to enter his mouth if he was not careful.

“And why not?” Su Dong Lou mentally prepared himself for some overly romantic answer when-

“I know where you’ve put your mouth!”

Wait. “…what?”

“It’s dirty! It’s disgusting! I won’t have your dirty tongue in my mouth!”

Anger was starting to build up inside Su Dong Lou. It was like all those time when Lu Feng Ye had blocked his influence with King Xiang Yang. Standing there, smirking and pretending. All the while knowing that, that Su Dong Lou had feelings for him. Playing with him, allowing small glimpses but never really intending to let him eat anything good.

With a snarl, the hand on Lu Feng Ye’s jaw went to his throat. “You dare…” he began, but was interrupted by another snappy remark.

“Rinse your mouth!”

… ….

… ….

Su Dong Lou really did not know what to feel now.

Lu Feng Ye looked like he was in complete earnest as he glared up defiantly at Su Dong Lou. As good as naked, body covered in bruises and bite marks, a cock up his little bum, legs spread out and completely at Su Dong Lou’s mercy and this little puffer fish dared to display his spines at Su Dong Lou.

Su Dong Lou smiled down at Lu Feng Ye.

It was not a nice smile.

“You dare make demands from this young master, you better be prepared to pay for it!”

So saying, Su Dong Lou moved.




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