The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 03 – Mind Over Matter

For a moment, the two of them just stared at each other. One surprised, the other horrified.

This is bad, this is bad! Lu Feng Ye immediately regretted his outburst. Su Dong Lou could so easily damage him, how could he be so stupid as to annoy such a stupidly strong person? He should have just swallowed his pride, lowered his head and beg and beg. Cry if he had to. Make the person sorry for him.

However, Lu Feng Ye had just climbed onto the tiger’s head and accidentally pulled on its whiskers. The moment he fell off of this tiger he will be devoured. Clawed to death, chewed to pieces. He had no choice but to see this charade to the bitter end!

The man before him was not reacting at all, just looking at him expressionlessly. Lu Feng Ye’s thoughts were like scattered sand, every time he managed to gather a handful, the grains just slipped passed his fingers. If he tough it out too much, Su Dong Lou would make good of his threat and just take Lu Feng Ye…

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