The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 04 – Mind Over Matter II

“You dare make demands from this young master, you better be prepared to pay for it!”

So saying, Su Dong Lou moved.


Su Dong Lou reached out and casually sank two fingers easily into Lu Feng Ye’s mouth. It was an easy matter to just spread his fingers and force that stubborn mouth open. Lu Feng Ye nearly choked trying to keep his mouth close.

His lips opened up as easily as bread being tear apart. Lu Feng Ye tried to fight back, biting down on the iron like fingers. However, it was useless, he might as well be biting actual iron. Even his teeth felt tender after trying to chomp on Su Dong Lou’s stupid iron fingers.

Since Su Dong Lou was strong enough to actually suspend his own body from the edge of a roof by his fingertips, it was no wonder that Lu Feng Ye’s weak jaw, trained to only chew on specially prepared tender morsels of food, could not fight against.

So that precious golden mouth was forced open to admit Su Dong Lou, who tenderly stroked the soft warm tongue inside. It was like touching the tender meat of a shellfish, moist, soft and alive. The tongue shrank away from his touch, which was amusing since there was really nowhere for it to go.

To Su Dong Lou’s surprise, the saliva built up in Lu Feng Ye’s mouth was quite considerable, to the point that the clear liquid trickled from the corners of those lovely thin lips.

“I wonder,” he said casually as Lu Feng Ye coughed and gurgled against his own saliva. “How clean do you think your mouth is, little puffer fish.”


“Mmm,” Su Dong Lou stirred his fingers in Lu Feng Ye’s mouth, careful not to touch the back of his throat. “I’d like you to think about something, Ye-er.”

Lu Feng Ye breathed through his nose, still glaring.

Su Dong Lou watched his expression carefully. “I’d like you to think about…just where these fingers had been…inside…”

Lu Feng Ye stopped breathing. His eyes dilated. He choked. Su Dong Lou casually placed a palm over Lu Feng Ye’s mouth, one hand grabbed Lu Feng Ye by the hair and tipped his head forward just enough that his windpipe was clear. Su Dong Lou had tortured people before, and knew just how much force and where to exert it in order to hurt a human body without killing it.

He certainly did not want Lu Feng Ye to die here. That would just be too…wasteful.

“Hmmm! Hmmm!”

Lu Feng Ye flailed and beat his fists against Su Dong Lou’s shoulders and arms, but Su Dong Lou was just too strong. He watched patiently as Lu Feng Ye tire himself out, nearly choking, but not quite. Su Dong Lou felt a little detached from the scene, like he was watching himself from the outside doing all these things to Lu Feng Ye.

“Swallow,” he ordered.

“Hnngh! Hrrnngh!” Lu Feng Ye gurgled, trying to wrench his face away.

“Shh,” Su Dong Lou crooned, leaning closer to Lu Feng Ye’s ear. “Be good and swallow.”

One of Lu Feng Ye’s hands caught hold of Su Dong Lou’s hair pin. Long dark hair fell down around them, the smell of Su Dong Lou’s hair assaulted Lu Feng Ye’s sensitive nose, sending him into greater panic.

Out of habit, Su Dong Lou had worn a weaponised version of his standard white jade hairpin with a razor tip on his little trip to the forest with Lu Feng Ye. Somehow, Lu Feng Ye managed to stab Su Dong Lou near the neck with the pin, the razor easily tearing into flesh. He must have hit an artery by luck, as blood spurted all over the place, misting across Lu Feng Ye’s face.

Undeterred, Su Dong Lou casually plucked the pin from where it had lodged against his flesh, sending more blood down on Lu Feng Ye.

In a sudden movement, Su Dong Lou stabbed the pin next to Lu Feng Ye’s eye.

A shallow wound opened up.

A bead of blood trickled out.

Lu Feng Ye swallowed.


When the servants entered the next morning on the orders of Su Dong Lou, they found a shell shocked Lu Yeng Ye staring blankly at the bed canopy. Dried blood flaked across his face, staining the bed in spots. The smell of sex was unmistakable.

Su Dong Lou was impeccably dressed as he left the room, off to perform his morning exercises after leaving instructions to clean up and to bring the bath in. There was an air of satisfaction as he left, nearly cheerful. This made Lu Feng Ye’s servants nervous, but, they were all still alive, aren’t they?

Unsure what to feel, they carried on their duty of dragging in a large bronze tub, filling it with warm water and some scented herbs with healing properties. They faffed about with the tub and gathered the clothes off the floor, doing everything they could not to look at the silent figure on the bed.

Finally, the tub was filled, and it was time to help the person in.

“Master,” Hong Luo whispered, “It’s time for a bath.” She was his personal maid, and was used to helping him with bathing and changing clothes. It could be said that she was one of the very few person who had ever seen him in the nude. However, even when undressed, Lu Feng Ye had always exuded an air of being an untouchable deity.

“M-master?” Unwilling to touch her master with her bare hands, Hong Lou used a damp cloth to wipe at the stains on his face. The revealed skin was fair, a little mottled with bruises, but still fairly clear. A slight stubble catch on the cloth.

This was unacceptable!

Master Lu had always been impeccable with his looks, never allowing a hint of a beard to appear-

“You may leave.” Hong Lou jumped. The cloth in her hand fell to the floor with a splat.

It was the devil, Su Dong Lou, the one that had defiled their master!

Hong Lou lowered her head, and signalled Lu Qi to leave with her. She will bid her time, her job was to serve Master Lu, she will stay alive for his sake and do whatever it takes to take care of him.

“Your house’s chef is here, tell her to make something delicious with lots of meat,” he smiled meanly. “Your master will need all his energy over the next few days.”

Nooooo, master….

Hong Lou cried tears of blood inside her heart.


Su Dong Lou closed the door in the servant’s face.

He stared at the still figure on the bed.

It was entirely possible that he had…gone overboard last night.

Feeling both guilty and happy, he quietly approached the bed. Lu Feng Ye was still lying on the bed, a half dazed fucked out look on his face. He coughed. Perhaps doing all those things to a 30 year old former virgin was just too much, he shifted nervously.

Once the fire of anger and desire to eat and conquer had died down, there was a feeling of tenderness in his chest. In truth, Su Dong Lou was a very physical person, and tended to show his feelings with actions. Last night, he had been angry and that translated into violent behaviour that nearly wrecked the poor man to pieces.

Right now he wanted to properly stroke and pamper the very same man tenderly. Feed him good food, bathe him, stroke his hair…

“Ye-er,” he murmured, stroking back a sweaty clump of hair. When there was no reaction, he bent down to pick up the still body, poor thing must have been tired out, he really should have held back a bit more…

He lowered his precious burden into the bath. Careful to put Lu Feng Ye down feet first, and gently lowering that bruised bottom tenderly into the water with hardly a splash. A bit of red darkened the water from the dried blood on the face and chest, as well as from that poor bottom, but not so much that it was worrying.

He had the maids come in to clean up the bed as he washed down Lu Feng Ye carefully. Not at all embarrassed by the state of the sheets due to having grown up with servants all his life. He took a razor, and personally stroked the blade across Lu Feng Ye’s cheeks and throat, scraping off the tiny bit of beard (nearly giving Hong Lou a heart attack at the sight of a straight blade against her master’s throat).

Lu Feng Ye was like a doll, he would move when directed, but did not respond at all to words or coaxing from others. Su Dong Lou laid him on the clean bed and covered him with a blanket, winter was turning into spring, but it was still cold after all.

There was a soft call at the door, and the meal was brought in. It was one of Su Nuan Nuan’s recipes, a variation of the scotch egg that Lu Feng Ye had really liked. Seasoned meat wrapped around perfectly cooked eggs. The maids set the food on the table, along with a pot of tea and withdraw.

Su Dong Lou waited.

And waited.

Lu Feng Ye did not stir.

So, Su Dong Lou went to the table, picked up his chopsticks and moved a couple of the meat snacks onto a small plate. He broke the scotch egg, revealing a creamy yellow centre and ate one. The outer skin was crispy as it broke under his teeth, the centre yolk creamy enough to act as sauce…

A dry coughed sounded from the bed.

Pushing down a smile, Su Dong Lou poured a small cup of cooled tea and brought it solicitously towards Lu Feng Ye. There was something empowering about watching Lu Feng Ye sip tea from his hands, watch that throat work as it struggled to take in the liquid. Indeed, once Lu Feng Ye realized who it was that held the cup he was drinking from, he hissed and backed away.

With his clean glossy hair, smooth slightly bruised face, and sharp eyes underscored by a lack of sleep and rest, Lu Feng Ye was the very picture of an angry fallen deity. Su Dong Lou could not resist the urge to pick up a lock of hair, held it up to his nose and inhale. Lu Feng Ye clearly wanted to shrink back, but there was really nowhere to go.

Su Dong Lou smiled. “Time for lunch.”

A loud gurgle answered him.

The smile widened.

Lu Feng Ye’s resentful eyes felt like, like how his fists had felt, last night beating against Su Dong Lou’s shoulders and arms. Pointless, pathetic and adorable at the same time. Like he could actually physically hurt Su Dong Lou. It was laughable.

Su Dong Lou left the bed, and sat by the table. He continued to eat the snacks with great relish. Su Dong Lou himself had actually expanded a lot of energy last night, and this morning as well, so he needed the calories too. Su Dong Lou pretended to ignore Lu Feng Ye as he did his best to work out how to use his arms and legs again. Stared covertly as the robe slipped off one shoulder to reveal bite marks and bruises.

Lu Feng Ye was too focussed on getting to his feet without falling on his face to pay attention to Su Dong Lou. There was delicious food to be had and if he was too slow that damned Su Dong Lou would probably eat everything up just to spite him. He shuffled determinedly towards the table and lowered his sore bottom to the chair. He winced as overworked thigh muscles protested against moving.

That damned Su Dong Lou, did he think that Lu Feng Ye worked as a contortionist in his spare time? Folding him this way and that, putting random things into his mouth and into his…

Gritting his teeth against the memories, Lu Feng Ye concentrated on the food before him. That stupid Su Dong Lou had eaten almost half of the scotched eggs! Lu Feng Ye’s fingers shook as he tried to manipulate the chopsticks. A sudden violent tremble, and one of the chopsticks fell to the floor with a loud clatter.

Lu Feng Ye stared at the chopstick on the floor. Like it had betrayed him and his whole family.

Lu Feng Ye considered just using the one remaining chopstick in his hand to stab the snack when one of the scotch eggs just appeared near his mouth. Hungry, weakened physically and mentally, Lu Feng Ye just bit into the juicy meat without thinking.

Tastiness exploded on his tongue. The savoury meat, the creamy egg yolk, the crunchy exterior. He ate the whole thing in three large bites, the other chopstick falling onto the table as he grabbed the hand that held the food, chomping hungrily, afraid that it would disappear if he did not hold on to it firmly enough.

His cheeks bulged as he chewed. Eyes closed to properly experience the flavour.

When his teeth clacked against ivory chopsticks, Lu Feng Ye’s eyes flew open to see Su Dong Lou staring down at him with slight amusement. In broad day light, Su Dong Lou’s sword like eyebrows seemed extra prominent and expressive. The food he had just swallowed threatened to come back up.


Su Dong Lou’s chopsticks were-

His mouth-

A hand landed heavily on Lu Feng Ye’s head. The hand felt stifling as it pressed his head down, tilting his face forward at little. The food stuck in his throat, neither coming up or going back down.

A hot breath stirred the hair near his ear, he could feel the heat from Su Dong Lou’s skin. Do martial artists all run such high heat? His own muscles felt cold and stiff in contrast against the furnace of Su Dong Lou’s shockingly powerful body.


With a soft whimper, Lu Feng Ye swallowed reflexively. His fingers trembled.

“Very good.” came Su Dong Lou’s voice again.

Another piece of scotched egg was held in front of him. Lu Feng Ye’s mouth watered as the smell of fried meat assaulted his nose and he opened his mouth. Again, the sensation of savoury meat exploded in his mouth, and he nearly cried from the beauty of it.

In no time at all, the snacks were all gone.

There was a gentle smile on Su Dong Lou’s face as he rubbed the corner of Lu Feng Ye’s lips with a damp cloth. Lu Feng Ye flinched away, hands pulling the lapels of the robe together. No matter how delicious the snacks, it was still embarrassing to be fed by another man.

“Shall we have dessert next?”

Lu Feng Ye’s ears pricked up, and he looked hopefully at Su Dong Lou. His stomach issued a grumble. Lu Feng Ye had been starved long enough that he was not bothered by the noises from his own stomach. There was no stain of shame on his face as he stared expectantly at Su Dong Lou.

Interestingly, Su Dong Lou was weak against this look, not that Lu Feng Ye would realized until much later. Su Dong Lou picked up a little bell on the table and shook it. A maid came in with a lacquer box which she opened with a flourish.

Sitting on waxed paper were a couple of dozen of baked yellow pastries. It was another one of Su Nuan Nuan’s recipes, one that Su Dong Lou’s chef had mastered. He remembered how Lu Feng Ye had stuffed himself with it and was eager to see that excited expression again.

Indeed, Lu Feng Ye’s eyes lit up as he eagerly surveyed the offerings. Not bothering with chopsticks, he began stuffing his mouth with quick elegant movements. How this man could still look heavenly and untouchable despite eating with his hands and having spent the night doing base earthly exercise was beyond Su Dong Lou’s understanding. He watched as Lu Feng Ye hummed as he ate, making small satisfied noises as the pastries disappeared.

This, Su Dong Lou realized, was Lu Feng Ye’s true ‘gone to heaven’ face.

His physical skills, which he had been so proud of had lost to a tray of pastries.

He had lost to Su Nuan Nuan once again.

Su Dong Lou did not know whether to laugh or cry as Lu Feng Ye grinned to himself, having lost all awareness of anything outside of the lovely food in front of him.

When he was tired of being ignored in favour of food, Su Dong Lou placed a stool directly behind Lu Feng Ye and sat on it. When Lu Feng Ye did nothing more than flinched a little before eating a bit faster, Su Dong Lou hugged Lu Feng Ye from the back, trapping both arms down, preventing him from reaching the food.

This finally got Lu Feng Ye’s attention. In a peeved voice, he said. “Just what are you doing?”

Su Dong Lou tucked his face into Lu Feng Ye’s neck and nibbled at his ear. “What do you think I’m doing? I’m eating.”

“Wh- no, no doing things during meal times.” Lu Feng Ye started to struggle, but he was powerless against Su Dong Lou’s hold. “Let go of me!”


“It’s day time!”

“All the better to see you with, my love.”

“It’s indecent.” Lu Feng Ye protested futilely, knowing that if Su Dong Lou really wanted to do something, there was absolutely no way he could escape.

“Mmm,” a hand reached into Lu Feng Ye’s robes to stroke at his chest. He shivered as the rough fingers scraped across his nipples.

“Su Dong Lou, please. I- I really can’t, my, my back is just, it’s too sore…” It nearly made him choke to beg this way, like a pathetic maiden trying to throw off the advances of a rogue. He’s already at a venerable age of 30, ah! The so-called maiden in question was nearly ten years older than the persistent rogue behind him.

To think that he had reached this grand age only to be pushed down in bed by a young martial artist punk. Boo hoo, life just isn’t fair, ah. All he really wanted was a leisurely life where he could exercise his intellectual abilities and eat delicious food. What’s so wrong about that?

Why can’t Su Dong Lou do the decent thing and roll a random maid in bed?

Why did he have to go after a proper career scholar like him?

He had never been into the whole sexual scene, even in his youth. To be reduced to a plaything now was beyond humiliating, it’s dehumanizing, it’s worse than mere service. It’s slavery! Stupid Su Dong Lou! Stupid Su Dong Lou!

Lu Feng Ye tried to think of a time when he had incited passion in the young buck, but failed. He’d always conducted himself in the utmost proper behaviour. He’d never been the type to go into brothels, certainly never one that catered towards more depraved tastes like male sexual partners or, or whatever.

Lu Feng Ye had been completely pure.

Had been.

What made Su Dong Lou decide to go after him was something he’d never really thought about. Lu Feng Ye had been the object of other people’s desire before. How could he not, with his looks, and fairy like bearing? Su Dong Lou was the only one who had remained persistent, not desisting even after Lu Feng Ye had made it clear that he was beyond the reach of the likes of pests like him.

Perhaps that was why Su Dong Lou behaved like a beast?

Now that he had Lu Feng Ye under his paw, Su Dong Lou wanted to just step on him and punished him for all the previous imagined hurt?

Woo… Lu Feng Ye was so unlucky…

He was distracted by his own depressing thoughts when Su Dong Lou suddenly squeezed. Lu Feng Ye could feel the muscles on those ridiculous arms tightened, and was transported back to the night before when Su Dong Lou had finally taken off his clothes and revealed a horrifying sight…

At that time he was still naive enough to feel relief when Su Dong Lou finally climax, stuffing Lu Feng Ye’s poor bottom with his leavings. At that point, Lu Feng Ye still had enough mind to plot the demise of Su Dong Lou, running scenarios and going through plans of how he could poison the beast when sounds of clothes being dropped onto the floor caught his attention.

He blinked tired eyes in disbelief at Su Dong Lou who was leisurely taking off his bloodied shirt and stepping out of his trousers. Was it his imagination, or did Su Dong Lou somehow looked bigger without his clothes?

The muscles on his chest and shoulders bulged and rippled unnaturally. Clothes had made Su Dong Lou’s torso looked long and elegant. Without the camouflage of clothes, the beast was revealed. The previously thin torso looked stocky, powerful and riddled with symmetrical bulges, like some insane mathematically precise person had inserted pebbles of varying sizes under tight skin.

Lu Feng Ye’s one indulgence in life had left him with a soft, slightly curved out stomach, which was perfectly fine by the way, considering his age, Lu Feng Ye’s in excellent condition. In comparison, Su Dong Lou’s body was like a dock worker’s. Rough and terrible to look at, especially that ferocious eel of his that stuck out like a, like a-

“You can’t be serious!” Lu Feng Ye yelped, scooting backwards, keeping his poor bottom away from that rising eel. Su Dong Lou was naked now. Why he had thought that a naked Su Dong Lou was a good power balance was a mystery, obviously there was something wrong with his mind, ah!

Su Dong Lou chuckled. “Surely you don’t think we’re only going to do it once?” He climbed onto the bed. The whole mattress depressed upon his weight, causing Lu Feng Ye to squeeze himself further in.

“Mmm, Ye’er, I won’t force you, if you don’t want to.”

Lu Feng Ye, the foolish idiot that he was, relaxed at this statement.

“I’m perfectly happy if you use your mouth to satisfy me.”

“Fffsssshhh!!!” Lu Feng Ye hissed, hands curved into claws, ready to fight to the end.

“Or your hands,” Su Dong Lou eyed those little claws in consideration, “or maybe not.”

At the end of the confrontation, Lu Feng Ye found himself flat on his face, his buttocks raised up by his knees, the rest of his body caged in by those powerful limbs, a beast like man grunting and huffing behind him, his bottom invaded by that horrible eel.

The repeated motions made his waist sore, his thighs burn, his hole…

…the indignity of being treated like a woman, no worse than a woman. A male lover could only be plaything that could never be taken seriously. He was even lower than a concubine, lower than a bedmate, both of whom could elevate their position if they could provide sons to the family.

A man on the bottom could only be toy for a powerful lover.

Su Dong Lou was busy kissing his neck now, seemingly unaware of how Lu Feng Ye had frozen in his seat from the horror from last night’s confrontation. A nip on the neck made Lu Feng Ye jerked back, only to nearly double over in pain.

His waist, his waist! The pain, the pain!

Lu Feng Ye curled up like a shrimp, a keening sound issued from his mouth.

It hurts a lot, ah!

His mind quickly worked, and let his eyes watered. Pity this poor scholar, he began throwing suggestions at Su Dong Lou with his mind. Pity me, pity me, pity me, pity me…

Instead of pitying Lu Feng Ye and letting him finish his pastries in peace, that dog Su Dong Lou actually picked him up and carried him towards the bed.

Surely, surely that dog did not want to- to-

But he’s in pain, ah! This is obvious pain!

Maybe body language isn’t enough?

“Wuu, it hurts, I don’t want to…” he wailed pitifully, screw dignity, his bum still hurt from being screwed by that horrible eel!

Su Dong Lou gently dropped him onto the bed, laying him down on his belly. Lu Feng Ye did not quite breath a sigh of relief yet. The owner of the ferocious eel was still in the same room after all.

Sure enough, there was a soft ‘pop’ sound and the smell of a too familiar medicinal fragrance permeated the room. As he crouched in fear, efficient hands made short work of his flimsy robes, and oil was poured all over his back.


He will die!


He will really die, ah!

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