The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 04 – Mind Over Matter II

“You dare make demands from this young master, you better be prepared to pay for it!”


So saying, Su Dong Lou moved.






Su Dong Lou reached out and casually sank two fingers easily into Lu Feng Ye’s mouth. It was an easy matter to just spread his fingers and force that stubborn mouth open. Lu Feng Ye nearly choked trying to keep his mouth close.


His lips opened up as easily as bread being tear apart. Lu Feng Ye tried to fight back, biting down on the iron like fingers. However, it was useless, he might as well be biting actual iron. Even his teeth felt tender after trying to chomp on Su Dong Lou’s stupid iron fingers.


Since Su Dong Lou was strong enough to actually suspend his own body from the edge of a roof by his fingertips, it was no wonder that Lu Feng Ye’s weak jaw, trained to only chew on specially prepared tender morsels of food, could not fight against.


So that precious golden mouth was forced open to admit Su Dong Lou, who tenderly stroked the soft warm tongue inside. It was like touching the tender meat of a shellfish, moist, soft and alive. The tongue shrank away from his touch, which was amusing since there was really nowhere for it to go…

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