The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 05 – Overbearing

…oil was poured all over his back

Large powerful hands spread out on the small of his back and pushed upwards, fingers sliding through the oil creating a warm slippery sensation. Lu Feng Ye sucked in a breath. The hands moved all the way to his shoulders and dug into the muscles there.

Lu Feng Ye screamed.

At least, he tried to scream.

His throat clamped shut at the pain and only a thin keening voice issued past his lips. The hands continued its torture, sliding here and there, seeming to pick out the worst places to be, digging and kneading and causing Lu Feng Ye to break out in cold sweat.

He tried his best not to breath in too deeply because even breathing hurts!

Wuwuwu, perhaps it would have been best if he had been killed off by Duan Ting Xuan. At least, the pain of dying would have been temporary, right? Right?

Tears fell unchecked from his eyes. He did not dare to sniffle too hard, everything on his back seemed to burn. Su Dong Lou is the worst, Su-


“Oh hush,” said the demon on his back. “It’s just a little deep massage, you’ll feel better later. I promise.”

A ma- ma- “-sssss-!!”

“Hmmmm,” Su Dong Lou leaned forward, putting more weight on the heel of his hands just at Lu Feng Ye’s top spine. There was an audible ‘crackle’ and Lu Feng Ye’s entire body went limp.

“How does that feel?”

“Hnnngghh…” The pain that had almost made him passed out earlier was slowly, but surely fading away. The soreness remained, however that horrible tight feeling in them had disappeared almost completely.

Not that he could move at all, he was like a landed fish that had exhausted its energy flopping and thrashing about. He could vaguely feel Su Dung Lou leave the bed, but was too mentally and physically exhausted to care. It’s not like he could stop the man doing whatever he wanted, whether it’s sex, torture or massages disguised as torture.

Lu Feng Ye laid there, trying to erase his presence as much as possible. If Su Dong Lou forgot about him, he will be left alone, hopefully.

The fate of bedmates and prostitutes in large houses was something he had never considered. Not that he had ever considered the fates of the slaves and servants that worked under him. The cooks, the laundry cleaners, the sweepers, the polishers of things…Lu Feng Ye himself had sentence more than a few servants to death for displeasing him. To find himself in this precarious position, his life depending on the whim of another man was terrifying.

Well, he will probably be terrified if he wasn’t so damn…tired…

“Wake up,”

Wuwuwu, could he not just die in peace, ah!

“Drink this.”

“Mmmph,” Lu Feng Ye protested.

There was a deep rumbling laugh and he was bodily picked up by the shoulders, and a cup was pressed against his lips.

“Drink.” It was not a request.

Lu Feng Ye opened his lips and sipped. He did not care if it was poisoned, or even spring medicine. Either way he would not last long in this world to care. When the cold liquid was gone, another was brought to his lips. He sipped that slowly too.

When the second cup was empty, Su Dong Lou suddenly brought him closer and kissed his cheek with an audible smacking sound. Hot lips touched Lu Feng Ye’s ear, and he could feel Su Dong Lou’s hot breath.

“Get some sleep, we will be meeting King Xiang Yang tomorrow.”

There was something important about this. Not that Lu Feng Ye could remember as he tumbled into unconsciousness.


Lu Feng Ye slept through the night and into the morning.

In other words, Lu Feng Ye had just missed his chance to escape in the middle of the night.

Seeing Su Dong Lou’s happy, energetic face just made him even more depressed. He’s like a demon that had sucked the vitality out of Lu Feng just by, by using that vitality sucking eel of his!

“Get up,” said the cruel and horrible vitality sucking demon. “After breakfast we’ll pay a visit to King Xiang Yang.”

“… …” the lack of lunch, dinner, and breakfast, must have sapped his mind power, or perhaps his brain cells had been burnt off by the excessive exercise or something, but he just couldn’t remember why they had to see the King…

“Wait,” Lu Feng Ye sat up, the soreness in his body forgotten. “You haven’t report to him yet?”

“Of course I have, just not in person. I sent a sealed letter with your excellently crafted lie, and gave the excuse that I have to, heh, look after you before meeting up with them.”

“J- just what kind of looking after do you think is done without a doctor? And to prevent you from entering the court one day and perfectly fine the next!” As expected, Su Dong Lou is a stupid baboon! How embarrassing to be pressed down by a stupid baboon!

“Hmm, don’t you know? There are all kinds of mysterious muscle paralysing, bone collapsing, cartilage weakening poisons out there in the martial world. And since that evil wife of Duan Ting Xuen had turned up as your cook…”

“Su Nuan Nuan would never!” Lu Feng Ye snapped, defending his one true love.

Su Dong Lou quirked up an eyebrow. “That is what you protest against?”

“Of course!”


“Wh- what’s that look for?” Lu Feng Ye made sure that his robe was securely fastened. He didn’t dare to show any flesh, just in case…well, just in case!

“Whatever, you and I both know that Su Nuan Nuan would never poison good food, but King Xiang Yang doesn’t.” Su Dong Lou said reasonably. Perhaps that first night they had sex knock something loose in Lu Feng Ye’s head?

He did accidentally hit the bed pretty hard…

Maybe a good meal will put him to rights.

“I’ve asked the cook to prepare something filling.” said Su Dong Lou, amused by how alert Lu Feng Ye suddenly seemed. “Wash up, your servants will bring your clothes for you.”

“Wait, my servants? My clothes?”

“Ah yes, did I not mention? I’ve sent people to move everything from your house to this courtyard. These rooms all belong to me, so you can pick the one you like.” Su Dong Lou suddenly reached down to stroke Lu Feng Ye on the cheek, “Though I must say that having you here in my personal room would be most…advantageous.”

Le Feng Ye slapped the hand away with a hiss. “I’m not staying here with you.”

The smile on Su Dong Lou’s face suddenly became predatory. “What makes you think you have a choice, my lovely puffer fish?”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Ye’er,” Su Dong Lou gathered the weakly struggling Lu Feng Ye into his arms and pressed his nose against the nape of that lovely bruised neck. “Help me take down King Xiang Yang.”

“Stop it! Stop it! You violated me, raped me.” there, he said it. He said it! Lu Feng Ye sneered. It would be an easy thing for him to just slip a piece of paper with information on Su Dong Lou and Duan Ting Xuen’s connections. He’d say nothing about Su Nuan Nuan’s involvement. The couple were now out of King Xiang Yang’s influence, but Su Dong Lou could still be taken down-

“How’s your waist?”


A hand pressed at a tender spot, making him yelp. “It hurts, it’s sore, d- don’t touch…”

“Hmm…” the hand was not moving away, instead, a large palm spread out, moving to rub small circles at the bottom of his spine. After a few minutes of rubbing, Lu Feng Ye’s frantic breathing gradually slowed.

“How about now?” a voice murmured near his ear, scaring Lu Feng Ye out of the stupor that had settled over him.

“I told you, it’s-” Lu Feng Ye jerked his body away and paused. “It’s-” he moved his waist cautiously, the muscles around his waist were still sore, but the needle jabbing pains were gone.

“Mmm, good. Lu Feng Ye,” they were eye to eye now, sitting next to each other on the bed. One of those hands came up to stroke his neck. “Don’t make me angry.”

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Ye’er,” Su Dong Lou said tenderly. “I can make life very easy for you, or I can make it so that you’ll want death more than anything in the world.”

“I don’t-”

“My father was a very, very paranoid man. He eloped with the An Ping princess and managed to hide himself in the mountains with his bride without stupidly dying and brought me up to be a respectable man instead of a fugitive.” He smiled. “Would you like to guess how many secret passages and hidden rooms there are in this court? I could have you disappear one day and no one would even know where to start looking.”

“Can you imagine it? Four stone walls, no windows, no light, no books, no musical instruments, no one to talk to,” and the piece de resistance. “Nothing but water and cold rice for every meal until you die.”

Su Dong Lou’s voice was terribly tender as he continued. “The only thing that you could mark time with is my visits. After all, that’s the main reason why I kept Ting Xuan from killing you. Perhaps, if you’ve pleased me enough, I might even bring something good for you on my next visit. If I remember to.”

As Su Dong Lou watched, Lu Feng Ye’s bright sharp eyes actually clouded over at his words. The slim body shivered under his hands, chilled by the imagined cold walls and never ending darkness. Smart types always have an over active imagination.

“No, no, please don’t,” Lu Feng Ye pleaded.

Su Dong Lou generously hugged the shivering figure, “Of course, I could make life very easy for you too. You’ll never have to worry about food or clothing, I’ll have your library moved to one of these rooms, you’ll have your own study and music room. As for delicious food, since we have two cooks here with Su Nuan Nuan’s recipes, we can send one of them to An Ping Palace every few months to learn new recipes, wouldn’t that be lovely?”


There were still some clouds in those lovely eyes. They darted towards the bed and back to him. The tip of a pink tongue slipped out to wet those delicious lips.

“Ye’er, I won’t lie to you, you know what I want.” the hand on the small of his back slipped further down to gently squeeze…

A knock on the door interrupted them. Lu Feng Ye’s breath hitched in his throat. Servants wouldn’t stop Su Dong Lou if this was what he wanted now.

Instead of continuing, Su Dong Lou gave Lu Feng Ye one last squeeze and a smile. “Don’t make me angry.”

The maids came in with trays of food.

One would have thought that Su Dong Lou’s threats would have made Lu Feng Ye lose his appetite, but…

Su Dong Lou watched in half amazement as chopsticks flew and food disappeared. He had eaten his fill and was now amusing himself looking at his…lover? Little pet? Let’s go with lover for now. Yes, lovers. Su Dong Lou had every intention of treating Lu Feng Ye well. The love in his heart was truly genuine, and the desire to see Lu Feng Ye suffer was only a temporary, vicious impulse.

Even if Lu Feng Ye was to piss him off and ended up in the secret cell, Su Dong Lou would have release the man after two days in the darkness, maybe three at most. However, he was careful not to let his real feelings show. After all, Lu Feng Ye was a highly intelligent, black bellied schemer capable of turning disadvantageous situations around. He had done so many times for King Xiang Yang and a lot of people had died under his schemes.

This Lu Feng Ye did not seem to have a conscience when it came to human lives. Or perhaps he never saw them as humans. Even now, the greedy little puffer fish was probably plotting ways to escape or even poison him, knowing Lu Feng Ye, he probably has ten schemes all laid out already.

Su Dong Lou had to press his advantage while he has the upper hand and not soften at all in front of this poisonous little fish. Right now, Lu Feng Ye was in a daze from being half starved and sexed up. Inexperienced was Lu Feng Ye’s greatest disadvantage, Su Dong Lou could not afford to let this poisonous little scholar get used to the situation and flip heaven and earth when he’s not looking.


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