The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 05 – Overbearing


…oil was poured all over his back



Large powerful hands spread out on the small of his back and pushed upwards, fingers sliding through the oil creating a warm slippery sensation. Lu Feng Ye sucked in a breath. The hands moved all the way to his shoulders and dug into the muscles there.


Lu Feng Ye screamed.


At least, he tried to scream.


His throat clamped shut at the pain and only a thin keening voice issued past his lips. The hands continued its torture, sliding here and there, seeming to pick out the worst places to be, digging and kneading and causing Lu Feng Ye to break out in cold sweat.


He tried his best not to breath in too deeply because even breathing hurts!


Wuwuwu, perhaps it would have been best if he had been killed off by Duan Tingxuan…

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