Okonomiyaki Chain Store – Chapter 09 – The Angel of Okonomiyaki

Part 2 – Osaka’s Auntie Spreads Okonomiyaki

Chapter 09 – The Angel of Okonomiyaki

Why? Why was Okonomiyaki accepted so quickly into this world?

Okonomiyaki’s strongest point was its adaptable flavour profile, which allowed the people in this world to use their local products and sauces to create flavours that suited to their taste.

It shared similarities with the Italian pizza, which originated from the little town of Naples, and had spread its way across the world. While it is impossible to claim that pineapple and tuna are the best possible toppings for a pizza, it showed just how flexible this dish could be.

“Yes! One more thing for the menu!”

Right now, Haruna was experimenting with roughly chopped up leek like vegetables in place of the little cabbages of this world.

She continued to cook the Okonomiyaki in the usual way but without the addition of ham or cheese.

“Leek Okonomiyaki, ya! Now let’s try out dis flavour.”

First, she slathered on a slightly spicier sauce. A spicier flavour would be a better match for this combination.

The Adventurers immediately swarmed over, and started stuffing the newly created Okonomiyaki into their mouths.

“Ooh, this is good!”

“It’s spicy! A good flavour to bring out a warrior’s fighting spirit!”

“This flavour just makes me want to eat and eat, more and more!”

Haruna was once more touched to the point of tears.

Deep within the dungeons, it was rare for one to experience pleasure or happiness.

She hoped to transfer as many good recipes as she could into this world. There were plenty of strong and powerful Adventurers, but this, this was something that only she could do.

“The diet down here is really unbalanced. Some people only ate rusk, which is ridiculous. From now on, I wish to continue eating like this whenever possible.”

–said Kokon as she stared at the plate in front of her, tears wetting her face.

“Please make leek Okonomiyaki for us employees too! Oh, but over eating is forbidden by God…”

Somehow, whenever conflict between religion and appetite occurred, and appetite won over. Kokon’s face often wore a look of self recrimination.

“I’m not sure if she belongs to the same faith Kokon believes in, but, a Goddess has tasked me with a mission to bring Okonomiyaki into this world. So, it’s going to be all right, I guess.”


Kokon’s lack of understanding face triggered a geyser of laughter from Haruna. “That’s totally a perfect boke face, ya.”

After that, Haruna made a Japanese-esq sauce out of fruits and other spices.

When the sauce hit the iron pan that used to be part of an armour with a sizzle, an irresistible aroma started to permeate the whole of the 13th basement. A most delicious smell…everyone started to drool unconsciously.

The sizzling sound, the powerful aroma, it was all too much for the monsters to resist. To prevent the monsters from disturbing their precious meal time, the Adventurers dealt with the lot in one swift move.

“Ooh, that’s awesome! Great job everyone!”

Haruna and Kokon, as well as the rest of the staff clapped admiringly. The group of rough and often boorish Adventurers actually blushed.

“We’re in front of [Haru-chan]! There are loads of Restoration Potions here!”

“Better to say, we could easy level up by hanging around here!”

From that day onwards, [Haru-chan] became even more of a base or meeting place for Adventurers.


Since there’s an extensive increase in customers, the shop itself also underwent an expansion. The food and drink area soon separated to an independent location.

[Adventurer’s Convenience Store, Haru-chan] stood right next to [Okonomiyaki Haru-chan]. Having these two shops in the dungeon atrium seemed somehow natural to the eye.

However, thanks to the newly opened [Okonomiyaki Haru-chan], Haruna who had been enjoying a little break was once again stuck in the middle of a non-stop hectic lifestyle again.

While she had assigned a few employees to look after the Okonomiyaki shop, there were some things that she could not just hand over.

Basically, the problem was related to Haruna herself.

“No, no! If you push the spatula down too hard, the air will escape. It needs to be fluffy, fluffy! Wait for the fire to heat it through, ya!”

The staffs had been doing their best to make Okonomiyaki, but thus far, there was no successful result yet.

“The batter must be properly beaten, na. To ensure an even cooking when we grill it. So practice your batter mixing skills, ya na.

“Boss… To achieve your level of skill is… I fear this is far more difficult than studying the scriptures…”

Kokon also had tears running down her face.

“Money’s no issue, I can up your salaries, wa, but I won’t compromise on this!”

“There are no other shops in the dungeon, so even if the sauce is a little different…”

“It’s fine, ok. Anyway, I’m thinking of entrusting Kokon and the rest of you guys with this shop, ya.”

Employee worker Kokon could think of nothing to say. She just stood there with her mouth gaping.


It’s been three weeks since the Okonomiyaki program had been initiated in the dungeon.

Haruna had opened a second [Okonomiyaki Haru-chan] near the Old Saxon’s market place.

“Everyone, come and have a taste~! Okonomiyaki is good for health, na ~”

Haruna’s cheerful voice resounded through the market place with great zeal and vigour.

According to the Goddess’ word, the goal was to spread Okonomiyaki far and wide, wasn’t it? It certainly seemed that way to Haruna. Even if there’s no money to be made, she would still bring delicious food to the people of this town, no, to the people of this entire world in order to see the smiles on their faces that were revived by the taste of delicious food.

Other types of vegetables could be finely sliced and used in the place of cabbages. There’s no absolute rule against this.

They could also add finely crushed walnuts to accentuate the flavour profile.

As for seasoning, a little bit of herb added straight into the batter could go a long way in making this dish even more delicious.

Okonomiyaki is a food filled with all kinds of possibilities. She could also summon Benishouga and Benishouga Tempura via her magic and add those into her Okonomiyaki too.

With the help of the Japanese style sauce, she could once more taste the flavours of Japan in her Okonomiyaki.

With a plateful of Okonomiyaki samples cut into bite sized pieces in hand, Haruna dashed through the market place. She thrust out her plate at every passer by.

“Samples for tasting. If you like it, please by from us later, na!”

On the second shop’s opening day, a record breaking 150 people turned up to queue and buy this new food.

It was not a temporary one hour boom, the shop immediately established itself firmly in the Old Saxon town and the hearts of its natives. The Candy Distributing Angel Haruna has now been renamed as, the Angel of Okonomiyaki.

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