I’m Back… kind of

Life has been busy these past few weeks. I mentioned that my sister got married on the 6th of January. Well, there was a Chinese Tea Ceremony at our house in February, which meant a complete overhaul of the house (decorating, cleaning, recycling, throwing of stuff out and doing our best to prevent a bridezilla rampage…)

Then, there’s the actual CNY open house, official opening of my brother’s business (it’s a family business so we got drafted in to help out too).

My job as a freelance tour guide unexpectedly picked up, which is not a problem normally but a bunch of us got imported into a different country due to a lack of Japanese language speakers there and I had to devote a considerable mental power reading up and translating my tour content…

In short, life has been super busy, and naturally, I got sick… T_T

Also, I’m dropping Here Comes the Lady Chef. It’s too mentally taxing for me and I really can’t like the main character. I’m sorry for bringing in personal feelings into this, but it’s just too much on top of everything else. I’d like to be more professional about it, but… T_T *sob* please don’t make me…

4 thoughts on “I’m Back… kind of”

  1. Late myself. 😉
    Hope your feeling better. MaYbe someone will pick up the other novel. No need to burden yourself with something you dont like Voluntaruly.
    Thank you for all you’ve done so far.

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