Chapter 28 –


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From morning until now, Amy had only eaten 3 plates of Yang Zhou Fried rice. But the fireball in her hands was much scarier and hotter than the one this morning. This rapid improvement is totally unheard of.

If eating a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice can improve one’s powers, then becoming stronger is no longer a stressful and difficult thing. All it takes for one to grow stronger is just to enjoy their meals every day.

“Papa, do you want to play with fire?” Amy looked at the dancing fireball in her hands and smiled. She looks like a child that wants to share her toy with others.

“No. This fireball is too hot! Amy, you must remember this: Other than bad people, you are not allowed to use it on anyone else. Otherwise, it will hurt people.” Michael immediately waved his hand. This fireball is not fun to play with.

“Bad people?” Amy thought for it for a while and asked, “If they eat and refused to pay, are they bad people?”

“En, that is called Dine and Dash, and the people who do that are bad people.” Michael nodded his head. In his past life, he does not like the thugs who dine and refused to pay. Now that he is a restaurant owner, his dislike of such people had reached new heights.

“En En, I have memorised this! In future, if anyone dares to eat and refused to pay, I will burn him or her!” Amy earnestly nodded her head.

“All right, then I will be depending on you to protect this restaurant in future.” Michael may have accepted this arrangement but he does not like it. In the future, it is likely the restaurant may encounter these types of people. If Amy’s fireball could frighten them off, then the restaurant should be secured.

After all, the [System]’s only flaw is that it is a money grubber. In all other aspects, it is still reliable. Michael quickly cleared the dishes on the table and took them into the kitchen to wash them.

“Should I pretend that I do not know anything about this matter? Or should I quickly inform the elven representative within the City of Sin?” Outside of the restaurant, under a big tree, was Sally. She had not left the area and was looking at the brightly lit restaurant as she contemplated her next move.

Sally was torn between reporting the matter and keeping it quiet.

“But the Yang Zhou Fried Rice is really, really tasty! If I have money, I could eat it for all 3 meals a day. But now, I could only afford to come here once in a while.” After thinking for a minute, her mind drifted back to the food that she had just eaten. Sally fondly recalled the exquisite taste of the seafood.

“I do not care anymore! Since I am on the run, I do not have any duty to report these to the elven authorities.” Sally waved her hand as if she was shooing off all her troubles. She strung the longbow across her shoulders.

This boss does not seem to care about such things. Otherwise, he would not openly sell Yang Zhou Fried Rice that contains waters from the Spring of Life. And what is even more remarkable is the price of this dish – it is only 6 gold coins. The waters from the Spring of Life alone are worth much more than that!

“Mickey Restaurant! An interesting pair of father and daughter.” Sally glanced at the restaurant again and made her way towards the inn that she is living in.

Michael used the dishwater to clean the plates, then he sat next to Amy on the tall stool and wait for customers.

At night, there are more guests. But the few guests that come in and saw the price of 600 copper coins were frightened off by the high price and immediately left the restaurant without ordering anything.

Michael really wanted to retain them and let them know the origins of these ingredients. He wanted to tell them that at a price of 600 copper coins, the dish is a really great bargain.

Of course, as a chef, he resisted his urge to do that. This type of behaviour will only endanger himself and Amy. Plus, it violates his pride as a chef.

Although he had only two guests today, he had sold 8 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. He was quite happy with his achievements.

After 8 pm, when the 8th guest was frightened away due to the high prices, Michael walked towards the door and turn the sign to indicate that the restaurant had closed. He turned off the lights and locked the door. The first day’s of business has ended.

“Papa, we are not selling any more rainbow fried rice?” Amy kept the fireball in her hand and asked Michael.

“En, we stop here today.” Michael smiled and nodded his head. He took out the monies and counted them. Today, his earnings for the day is 1 dragon coins, 20 gold coins and 12 copper coins. 18 gold coins were automatically deducted from his takings by the [System] to cover the cost of ingredients.

This is only the first day of business. Last night, he was still a penniless man.

“So many gold coins!” Amy’s eyes shine as she looked at the gold coins on the table. Then she looked at her father and asked, “Papa, can you buy me an ugly duckling?”

“Ok! Then tomorrow morning we will go out to shop. Let’s find out if anyone is selling an ugly duckling.” Michael grinned as he stroked Amy on her head. This little girl really wants to eat a roast goose! Tomorrow we will try our luck and see if we can find a duckling for sale.

After a hard day’s work, Michael did not feel too tired. Firstly, the system has already helped to ready the ingredients when there is a customer. As well, the tasks of was.h.i.+ng the dishes were left to the was.h.i.+ng machine. And he had eaten 3 plates of fried rice. The rice removed any fatigue he felt on his body. Instead, he feels much better and stronger.

Seeing that Amy was getting bored, Michael asked her to repeat the multiplication table again. She could recall all the multiplication table until 3 x 5. But once she reaches 3 x 6, she could not recall anything and gave up. She looked crestfallen.

“It is all right, this is already very good. Today you have used what you had learned to collect the monies. Tomorrow we will begin from 3 x 6. You definitely can do it!” Michael encouraged her.

“En En, I will do my best.” Amy nodded her head.

At this time, Michael also set the restaurant opening hours. Although the restaurant is important, he still could not open the restaurant for 24 hours a day. He needed to define the opening hours. In this way, he need not wait all day in the restaurant for customers. Customers also know when the restaurant is open for business, and this saves their time.

Morning: 7:30 to 9:00 am; Afternoon 11.30 am to 1:30 pm; at night 5pm to 9pm. In this way, he had some free time. And every six days of work, he would take one day off to rest.

“Perfect!” Looking at the opening hours he planned on a piece of paper, he asked, “System, can you help me place this opening times on the sign at the door?”

“Master, the [System] recommends that you extend the restaurant hours. In this way, you can sell more.” The System replied.

“I may be the boss of this restaurant, but being a boss is a job and is not all that is to life! I can enjoy my job, but I also want to enjoy life!” Michael replied. He impatiently asked the system, “Will you help me add this timetable? If not, I will add this timetable myself.”

The system hesitated for a moment before it replied, “It had already been added.”

“Let’s go! We are going upstairs to sleep.” Michael put all the money back into the money drawer and locked it. He need not worry too much about these monies. The [System] will automatically deduct the cost of ingredients.

After he taught Amy how to wash her face and brush her teeth, the two of them had a shower. He then carried Amy to the bed.

Amy was already very sleepy. When she lays on the soft and comfortable bed, her eyelids immediately drooped.

“Go to sleep.” Michael smiled and stroked Amy on her hair.

“Papa, do not forget what you have promised me. You promised to buy an ugly duckling for me, arhh…” Amy grabbed Michael’s finger and earnestly said.

“All right, we will go out to buy one tomorrow.” Michael nodded his head.

“Papa, thank you!” Amy kissed Michael on his cheeks and closed her eyes. In a short while, she was sound asleep.

You could hear her muttering something in her sleep, “Ugly duckling….., ugly duckling……, roasted swan……”


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