Chapter 1 – A Transmigrated Foodie


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Su Nuan Nuan had lived for 23 years. She had dedicated her whole being within that limited years in the pursuit of fine food, local Chinese specialities especially. That’s right, compared to those food critics who only wagged their tongues, she, Su Nuan Nuan, had dedicated her hands, body and heart to the fine art of fine cuisine.

The pursuit of her art took her all over China, covering delicacies from the remotest area and it was during one of these travels that she died. The bus heading for a small fishing village crashed, and she died.

Discerning readers should now by now that this was merely the end of one life. That’s right, here next life starts here. A new start that began some time in the Yin Dynasty. The story’s location was within the heart of the city, specifically, the Marquis of An Ping’s mansion… even more specifically, a shabby house within the abandoned section of the mansion.

“Missy… please don’t be like this… if the master or Old Madam knows, they would definitely be heartbroken. No one could help you now, it’s all up to you now. So please, please don’t over think it, ah. Even if Great Madam dislikes you, Old Madam would stand on your side no matter, so please, please don’t let it get you down. You must be strong. Things might still turn out well, Missy… you, you must try to see the good side of things, ah…”

I can see it, ah. What’s not to see? Isn’t that a bowl of Braised Pork Belly on the table? I can smell it from here. Cry, cry, cry, do you think crying can solve everything?

Quick, bring that bowl of pork and rice over, ah. Otherwise, I might just starve to death after escaping strangulation, you know?

Aiyo, heaven have mercy, is there any transmigrator as f***ed as me? The first obstacle I faced is starvation, wait, am I a cannon fodder? Even a cannon fodder has to eat you know? Whatever, let’s eat first, a woman can’t fight on an empty stomach, let’s eat, gain energy to fight the female lead, and try to live as long as I can to eat as many meals before I die, ah.


Su Nuan Nuan’s eyes popped opened. She stared fixedly at the bowl of Braised Pork just a little out of her reach. However, her maid was clearly a stupid one, only knew how to sob and sniffle and wail, useless, truly useless.

“Xiang Yun, don’t cry. How is Missy? I’ve managed to get the physician to come.”



A calm and pleasant voice came from outside the door, and then a beautiful woman of about 18-year-old came in. The maid, who was sobbing uncontrollably immediately stood up, and choked as she out “Sister Hong Lian.”

Hong Lian acknowledged the greeting. She came over to pull aside the bed curtains and motioned for the physician to come.

Something covered Su Nuan Nuan’s wrist, followed by the gentle pressure of fingers feeling her pulse. After a short while, she heard the male physician’s voice said, “Thankfully the lady is born with a strong body, there is no serious danger. She is merely suffering from a weak spleen and stomach. She will be quite well after some good nourishing supplements.”

Rubbish, how could I not be weak? Just how many days have this body gone without food? If you don’t give me any food soon I’ll really die of hunger, ah ah ah ah…

Su Nuan Nuan wailed silently from her heart. The next thing she knew, Hong Lian was propping her up, the maid looked at her with sad eyes. She gave a short, bitter laugh and said, “Does Missy blame this one for saving you? Perhaps you should, the master have clearly sent Missy here in this abandoned place to die. This maid of yours have just used up every last favour and suffered the jeers and sneers of many before finally getting a half baked physician to look at you.”

“This one understands that being here, without the love of the master is like being in hell. If Missy really blames this one for saving you, then, this made is prepared to strangle you to death and accompany you to the land of the dead, what do you think?”

Su Nuan Nuan was shocked, and here she thought that Hong Lian was more sensible than that silly Xiang Yun. The saying that one could not judge a person’s behaviour just by their looks was certainly true. Who would have known that this higher ranked maid was actually quite the pessimist? Just now that crying servant girl was still trying to talk her into giving life a second chance.

All foodies tended to value life more than the average person, Su Nuan Nuan was no different. She had just crossed over into this life and had to face the prospect of being strangled to death by her own personal maid. The annoyance and anger somehow translate into strength within her body and she quickly yelled, “Rice! Give me rice…”


Hong Lian had gone out for nearly half a day, and during this time her normally cheerful and steady nature felt like it had been struck by thunder. Her soul was nearly in ashes, and she was crying tears of devastation, ready to just give up on life when her mistress let own a loud cry, causing her to jump up in fright.

Then, the most shocking thing happened, Su Nuan Nuan, who had been laying in bed all this while was struggling to get up. She raised one trembling, pointing at the bowl of Braised Pork Belly, muttering, “Rice… give me rice.”

“Missy… y- y- y- y- you…” no one could blame Hong Lian for not being shocked by Su Nuan Nuan’s words. It has been several days since any food or water had even touched her lips. The last straw was this morning, she found her mistress hanging by her neck at the end of a rope. If Hong Lian had been just a little slower on her feet, she would be facing a corpse by now. For someone who had been so determined to die to suddenly demand food, no one could blame Hong Lian’s brain for not adapting as quickly as she should.

“Elder sister, Missy said she wants rice,” at this point, the simple minded Xiang Yun showed her use. The little maid had stopped crying and was trotting over to the table to fetch the bowl of rice and Braised Pork Belly over. Her eyes sparkling brightly as she stared at Su Nuan Nuan, “Missy, let this one feed you.”

“Pour some hot water into the rice,” as a foodie, Su Nuan Nuan was clear that people who had not eaten for days should not take in oily food, however, she had no choice here. She was starving. Though there was really nothing special about how it looked, but she was too starved to complain. She hoped that by putting hot water into the rice, she could turn it into something like rice porridge.

After eating the bowl of ‘congee’ made from plain rice and Braised Pork Belly, Su Nuan Nuan felt more alive and energetic.

The first thing she did was made Xiang Yun bring a mirror over. She turned her face left and right, looking as though she was checking to see if her beauty had survived the ordeal. It certainly looked like that to Hong Lian and Xiang Yun. In reality, the only thing Su Nuan Nuan was worried about this inherited body was the mouth.


After short while, she sighed, delicate fingers touched the outline of her pale lips. Looks like heaven did not short change her, ah. Her lips looked firm and mobile, when closed they were looked like a pretty rosebud, her mouth could also open wide for large bites of food. The most wonderful thing was her pearly white teeth, which looked strong enough to crush tough meats into pieces. This was a pair of lips destined to eat lots of good food.

“Missy, you’ve only gotten a little thinner, your beauty still reflects flowers blooming under a moonlit sky.”

Flowers under a moonlit sky?

Hong Lian quickly noticed her mistress’ good mood and smiled along. Like a good servant she hurriedly put in some flattery to encourage whatever cheerful line in her mistress’ head.

Su Nuan Nuan’s attention turned to the rest of her face. Yi, her face really looked quite pretty. If she had this face in the modern time, she would be able to stop at least three streets worth of traffic. The only thing more wonderful than having a foodie’s mobile mouth was having a wonderful mouth attached to a pretty face. She nodded to herself, she was quite happy with her transmigration so far. In the first place, she had no personal attachments to anyone in the modern world, secondly, this was ancient times. All the ingredients used here were all organic and natural. There was no need to fear fake eggs, fake honey, fake whatever, more importantly, organic ingredients had to be more delicious than modern GM foods.

Suddenly, her brain was flooded with all kinds of jumbled up information. Su Nuan Nuan who had only just eaten enough to survive had to lie back down and sort them out.








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Re-Translated by Gumihou

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