The Taming of the Black Bellied Scholar – Chapter 01

Spin off for The Feast

Please note that this novel is about BL (aka gay love), set in the fictional world of The Feast. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone.

Also, graphic descriptions of people having gay sex will eventually happen. There will be no curtain fall or scene cut, or warning.

For those who find gayness, and graphic descriptions of people ‘making clouds and rain’ repulsive, this novel is not for you.

For those who are fascinated by this type of novel, enjoy.

Chapter 1 – The Puffer Fish

The woman of Lu Feng Ye’s dreams turned a corner and disappeared from his sight with her husband. He sighed most regretfully. How perfect it would be if an extreme foodie like himself could marry such an ingenious chef?

It was just too bad, if only his schemes had not fallen apart. He would have to chalk this up as one of his very few failures and comfort himself with the fact that Su Nuan Nuan had taught his cooks some of her recipes. He could really use a good meal now.

Lu Feng Ye was about to leave for his house when he was jerked back by the elbow.

“And where do you think you are going?” Su Dong Lou’s voice, neither too deep nor too soft, sent shivers up and down his spine.

The main culprit of his downfall was smiling gently at him. An outsider looking in would never have believed this man capable of hurting him.

If it weren’t for the manacle like fingers round his elbow, even Lu Feng Ye would have liked to think the past few days had merely been a nightmare conjured up by a tired mind.

Lu Feng Ye’s fists clenched. His shoulders stiffened. Regardless of what the other may think, he was still a man, and Su Dong Lou’s disgusting words rang like a warning toll as he desperately searched for a way out of this situation.

Just because his schemes had failed did not mean he would allow other people bully him!

A plaything, Su Dong Lou had wanted to make him into a plaything. Bile rose in his throat as he tried to tug his arm away. He, Lu Feng Ye would ever allow any man, or woman for that matter, to use him this way. What’s more, that vile Su Dong Lou had even said that this plaything was to be used for a few years before being discarded to die in the streets!

Lu Feng Ye sneered, as if he’d let the man keep him even for one day. Lu Feng Ye was a man of schemes, lies and trickery, even if Su Dong Lou could keep him for a day, or a week, he’d escape before the month was out!

The world was a wide place, he’d go somewhere neither Su Dong Lou or Duan Ting Xuan could track him down. Su Dong Lou may be physically more powerful, but he’s a block of wood when it came to schemes. The dolt did not even managed to do anything useful even after two years of courting favours within King Xiang Yang’s court.

He fooled you in the end, didn’t he?

An insidious voice whispered into his mind, stirring up the hairs on this nape. Had he…underestimated Su Dong Lou’s intelligence?


But… hadn’t he?

He would not be in this situation if Su Dong Lou had not betrayed him. The traitor had not made a single move outside of his normal behaviour until that very critical moment when Lu Feng Ye needed him most.

When facing Duan Ting Xuan, the martial arts prodigy, he could only count on Su Dong Lou to back him up.

Instead, the traitor had back stabbed him!

The one man he trusted to not betray him no matter what had turned out to be the fox in the chicken coop. Just thinking about his lapsed in judgement made him ground his teeth.

Despite being physically weaker than Su Dong Lou, Lu Feng Ye was not a weak man. It had never been in Lu Feng Ye’s nature to give in easily.

Lu Feng Ye paid careful attention to things that were important to him. His looks, personal grooming, mental exercises, even the food he consume must be of the best. Why should he bother with pig’s food that the masses stuffed into their mouths when there were things better to be had?

Why settle for a boring teaching job for the rich and useless when he could change dynasties for his master?

His confidence did not come from nowhere. He was an excellent judge of people, which was why he was given such a good position by King Xiang Yang. The main reason, the only reason why he had been blocking Su Dong Lou’s path in court was… was…

His hands trembled.

The only reason was the Su Dong Lou’s unclean eyes.

Lu Feng Ye was disgusted by mere the idea that such a man should be put into a position of power, to have such an abomination stand at a level with him was unacceptable!

So he, Lu Feng Ye, did everything he could to block his advance in court. The only reason why he would have even stooped to relying on him now was…

Because of Su Nuan Nuan.

He knew that King Xiang Yang would be too cautious and would never agree to let anyone who had schemed against him live. Su Nuan Nuan would be put to death, and all that gourmet cooking gone with her to the grave.

Additionally, he needed an expert who could go up against her husband, Duan Ting Xuan. Who better than the foolish martial artist that had been obsessing over him for over two years?

Thus, Lu Feng Ye started a very subtle campaign of seduction. Appearing drunk in front of the Su Dong Lin, showed glimpses of his vulnerable side. Everything was going according to the plan until…it was revealed that the powerful martial artist he had been betting on was on the side of the enemy.

As a result, he had been reduced to a plaything in the hands of the one he had planned to use.

Lu Feng Ye laughed to himself. Was this what they call retribution?

The fingers on his elbow tightened, tugging him closer. Su Dong Lou’s eyes glittered. “It’s good that you seemed so lively.”

Those dirty eyes travelled down Lu Feng Ye’s person. He felt his scalp tingle, the blood freezing in his veins as he stumbled backwards, trying pull his arm away from those wretched fingers.

“Let- let go!” He tried to snap the sleeves in a futile gesture of authority.

He might as well be struggling out of a manacle. Those horrid rough fingers were as strong as any tempered iron. Memories of Su Dong Lou prying his jaws open, probing around the inside his mouth, touching his tongue, searching, seeking and grasping, literally taking food from a starving man’s mouth, nearly made him gagged.

Bending over, he covered his mouth with his sleeve.

Su Dong Lou’s eyes were like arrows as they zoomed in on his mouth. There was a hungry, animal look on his face that frightened something primal within Lu Feng Ye. He had to get away.

Get away or be eaten!

“Lu Feng Ye,” Su Dong Lou said very evenly. “Come.”



Lu Feng Ye’s servants could only watched helplessly as their master was led away by the other man. Unfortunately, they could not help him. All they could do was send prayers to any deities that would listen to preserve the life, if not the dignity of their master.

In fact, the servants were all busy worrying about their own lives. Knowing that they would all be executed should their master failed to please this new, higher authority.

Master, please do your best.

Su Dong Lou was not quite as uncouth as to throw Lu Feng Ye onto the bed and ravage that lovely pale body as soon as the bedroom door was closed. Much as he would like to do so, it would be so much more interesting, so much more satisfying, to enjoy Lu Feng Ye’s panicky expressions in a leisurely way. It felt like honey was flowing down his throat to see this cool and dignified viper reduced to a trembling rabbit. Or perhaps, a puffer fish would be more apt?

A poisonous puffer fish with its blood and guts taken out, rendered down into a mere delicious piece of meat. Su Dong Lou planned to enjoy this fragrant meat to its fullest. It would not do to just grab such rare delicacies and gorge on it like a common steamed bun. He should take his time to savour it, ah.

Their first time together would only happen once after all.

Also, two years was a long time to be tormented by this little puffer fish scholar. He would take his sweet, sweet time to torture this evil little scheming scholar. Pluck out his fangs, crush his poisonous stingers, drain his blood, drink his essence.

He, Su Dong Lou, will get to see Lu Feng Ye’s desperate, pleading expression before the night was over. Perhaps he would even be gentle and magnanimous, and reduce that haughty face into one that collapses into orgasmic bliss.

Smiling in anticipation, he moved his hand from Lu Feng Ye’s elbow to that soft scholar’s hand. He stroked the centre of the palm with his thumb, never taking his eyes off the scholar’s face.

Reluctantly, he had to credit the little rabbit with some guts. Perhaps he had eaten bear gall recently, who knows. That thin little neck was as stiff as bamboo. Almost snapping from the strain of fear, but those eyes, and that court worthy face was as steady as ever.

If he had not seen Lu Feng Ye’s broken crying face before, he would never have believed it possible. Yet, the one who had broken Lu Feng Ye before was Su Nuan Nuan, not Su Dong Lou and therefore not half as satisfying.

Su Dong Lou wanted such power over this stiff necked viper. He couldn’t cook like Su Nuan Nuan, but he did have confidence in his physical prowess. He’d never had a man before, but the principles should be the same. Make sure to properly stroke and pamper the other party until they pleaded to be ravaged, almost throwing themselves on his manhood.

Su Dong Lou very much wanted to see Lu Feng Ye beg for his cock. Wanted to see this dignified puffer fish deflated into a piece of wanton meat, begging to be conquered. He had promised Duan Ting Xuan that he would reduced this poisonous, black bellied court advisor until he is neither living nor dead. What better way than to humiliate him than to make him submit to his own based desires?

Having betrayed King Xiang Yang, there was no way for Lu Feng Ye to return to the man’s side as a trusted advisor. They had effectively burned that bridge for this extreme foodie. He could either work for them and enjoy a small measure of peace and freedom, or Su Dong Lou could lock him up in a dungeon and use him up like a cheap prostitute.

Privately, Su Dong Lou still could not quite believe that Lu Feng Ye actually betrayed King Xiang Yang due to Su Nuan Nuan’s cooking, sure they had been starving him, but it had only been two days and they had even given him water and did not even tie him up!

Regardless, the end result of that whole drama was that he was now free to roll the man around in a proper bed with all the time and comfort in the world.

He had been a bit miffed by Duan Ting Xuan’s prudishness at the hidden location. Su Nuan Nuan had already indicated that she would not have minded if Su Dong Lou had rolled Lu Feng Ye around a bit, but that party pooper Duan Ting Xuan was insistent that nothing ‘uncouth’ should happened within Su Nuan Nuan’s vicinity.

And thus, Lu Feng Ye had managed to get away with just some minor man handling and being stared at very, very intently by Su Dong Lou. It was still up in the air whether the wait had been beneficial for either party.

The ball of fire that had raged in Su Dong Lou’s stomach had been quenched by Lu Feng Ye’s obvious pitiful suffering and starvation. The part of him that had wanted to step on this snake and watch as it writhed for mercy had been appeased, if only a little.

Meanwhile, Lu Feng Yu had been tortured by the fact that everyone around him was getting a good meal cooked by Su Nuan Nuan except for himself.

Coupled by the fact that these people were really actively starving him, it was a miracle that the super foodie had held out as long as he did.

At the end of it he did not even have the strength to walk, and had to be carried around by Su Dong Lou, who had not minded that part of the job at all.

However, all that was in the past.

They were now alone, in a room, with a bed.

Su Dong Lou smiled gently at an increasingly anxious Lu Feng Ye, “Don’t worry,” the smile stretched into a very satisfied grin. “We have all the time in the world.”

Lu Feng Ye hit him in the face.

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